WSIB Excellence Program

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Speak with our professionals, or call us to find out more about how you can join the WSIB Excellence Program. WSIB also hosts multiple free info sessions here

  • The WSIB has a new health and safety program that integrates the strengths of their three previous programs into one.
  • The new program provides a clear roadmap for businesses to improve workplace safety, whether they are just getting started or want to optimize systems and processes they already have in place.
  • Businesses that are successful in the program will earn rebates and other non-financial recognition for their investment in health and safety.
  • The rebate structure for the new health and safety program is based on a business’s ability to impact their rate, in line with our new premium rate-setting model. Businesses with less ability to impact their rates will receive a higher rebate. Businesses with more ability to impact their rates will receive a lower rebate.


Once you are ready to join, we will register you and you can complete your employer assessment.

We will discuss options for you to find 1-5 of the best suited topics to work with in the next 12 month period.



Let us assist you in developing your management system, and provide best practices to help you implement and demonstrate that the programs are being used properly in your workplace.



Submit evidence of the implementation and have it validated to demonstrate topics are 'living and breathing' all within a 12-month period.



Business can earn rebates of $1000 to a maximum of $50,000 per topic. You can use the rebate calculator here to provide an estimate.

  • Your total premiums for the past 12 months (you can calculate this using your premium rate statement)
  • Your predictability percentage (you can find this on your annual statement or by logging onto Compass from our online services)
  • The number of health and safety topics you are planning to complete will come from your assessment and discussion with our team.



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